General Questions

Carmazon is an online car buying platform that is transforming the way car buying works. By removing the need to visit dealerships and negotiate prices in person, Carmazon makes the car buying process easy and stress free.

Select your choice of car and choose your ideal purchase preferences. Browse through our catered price configurations to pick your dream car. Send in your paperwork and close the deal!

We do not give your email nor any other contact information to any third parties. We will only call if you reach out and schedule a meeting with us. We do not send any emails except for the sole purpose of notifying customers of deals and updates. These emails will only be from Carmazon.

Entering your email allows us to ensure that we can contact you in the future with notices, deals, and other offers, which are not accessible to the general public.

Security Deposit Questions

There are no fees to browse our platform. However, there is a $300 security deposit after you have picked out your car. Once the deal is finalized and approved, the deposit is refunded.

In compliance with Ontario Law, all offers must have a consideration, which acts as a back-up for both Carmazon and our customers, in order to validate the purchasing process from the beginning. This locks the car you select under your name, so that it is not sold to anyone else, and is recorded as a “hold” to ensure it is not sold to anyone else. For information, please visit the Canadian Government website on car loans and protection measures, at

If there is an issue of not being able to find the best car suited to your needs, the deposit can be refunded, if necessary.

In the event that your loan is not approved, your deposit is refunded and you are not required to go through with your purchase.

Pricing Questions

All of our prices are pre-negotiated with our partnered dealers and are guaranteed to give you maximum savings. This means that you can shop with confidence and ease because all the prices are laid out for you.

Delivery Questions

There are no returns because returns are not customary to car purchases. However, you do have the livery to trade in your car for another, as a kind of exchange.

Currently, our services are localized to Ontario, specifically the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but in the future we will expand to the rest of Canada and the United States. We will keep you updated on our expansion as we continue to grow with you and our partners.

Currently, customers pick up their vehicle at the dealership. We are looking for ways to have cars delivered to your door in the future.

Please contact either Carmazon or the dealership if you have any problems or concerns.

Delivery times depend on your local dealership. Normally, cars can be available within 48-72 hours; however, depending on the circumstances, deliveries can range up to 90 days. For more details relating to the delivery times, please contact your local dealer.

Feedback Questions

We appreciate all feedback, as we view it as an opportunity to improve our services for you! Feel free to leave a message outlining your findings in our ChatBox, located on the lower right-hand corner of the homescreen. Additionally, you can send an email to admin@carmazon.ca, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for loving our service! Your support and feedback means a lot to us. You can directly help us grow by: i. Leaving a google review. ii. Call Doug at 416-209-5900 to set up a meeting for video testimonials. iii. Like, follow, and share our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Carmazon will never upload any videos or photos without prior consent. However, if you do want anything removed, please call Doug at 416-209-5900 or send an email to admin@carmazon.ca. and we will gladly help you sort everything out.